Cold and dry winter weather can have a major impact on skin. Your complexion may develop dry and rough patches and even have skin start to flake off. The same makeup and skincare products you used during the summer are probably not appropriate for this time of year. It is important to adjust your skincare regimen along with the weather change to ensure your skin is getting the treatment it needs. Winter weather calls for heavier moisturizer and creamier makeup.

It all starts with the skin. No matter what expensive brand of makeup you buy if you don't have a good smooth foundation to put it on it won't turn out the way you are hoping. Keep skin well moisturized and hydrated for radiant, smooth skin. Use a creamy face wash and always apply moisturizer afterwards. If skin is really dry consider a heavier cream for night time or a moisturizing face mask. Note: Just because skin is dry that doesn't give you a free pass to skip washing your face. Just use a gentle cleanser that won't strip skin of its moisture.

If your skin goes a bit wild during weather changes considering seeing the help of a skin care professional. Visiting a salon with the most advanced skin care equipment and products can do wonders for your skin. A specialist will be able to recommend the right products and treatments for your skin.

Start with the right foundation. Your skin tone has likely paled with the lack of natural sunlight and you probably need to switch to a lighter colored foundation. Make sure you are using a moisturizing foundation for dry skin, or even switch to a tinted moisturizer or BB cream.

Smooth lips. Use a gentle lip scrub to buff away dry skin. Always lather on a thick lip balm before bed and continue to use one throughout the day. Any lip color you use should have a balm to help keep lips soft. A pop of peachy color on lips will help brighten up your complexion.

Try cream eye shadow. The creamier the better when it comes to dry skin. A shimmery cream shadow will help skin glow for a perfect day to night look. Rim lids with liquid or gel liner and add mascara to up the drama.

Blush is your friend. When skin becomes too fair for the bronzer you were using during the summer, switch to a lighter blush. A nice pop of color on the cheeks can really brighten up a dull complexion. Opt for a cream blush for drier skin and blend in well. Choose one with a little shimmer in it to make skin look dewy.

Whether you are a beauty professional looking for tips to share with clients or just someone looking for fresh ideas for winter, these skin and makeup tips should help take you from summer to winter beautifully.