The dreaded winter slump is here - a time when companies across the country take a dip in business. Whether it's the 4 feet of snow outside, the frigid wind chill or trying to save up from the financial strain of Christmas, this is notoriously a time of year where some businesses can suffer. Salons are hustling and bustling from November until the first week of January, and then suddenly business dies down. All of those urgent manicures and blowouts that everyone needed before the holidays can suddenly wait, and your pedicure chairs and other salon furniture went from packed to sparse. Here are a few marketing strategies to hopefully get those seats from empty to full again.

Host a salon event.

Give clients a reason to leave the warmth of their homes. A little cocktail hour with hors d'oeuvres thanking clients for their loyalty goes a long way. Offer door prizes of discounted services to get them back into your salon.

Promote things that aren't "holiday friendly."

Around the holidays everyone wants a perfectly coiffed hairstyle and gorgeous, fresh nails. But what about the post-holiday slump? The perfect pick-me-up for that could be a luxurious massage or facial. This is a great time of year for promoting and even discounting these services.

Bring them on a Caribbean escape.

No, not literally! But push tropical spa services that will make your clients feel like they are a on an exotic vacation. Island music, fruity beverages and a nice hot stone massage can transport anyone from a dreary winter day to a sun and sand-filled oasis.

Send out a coupon packet.

There could be a page for each month, January, February and March where each one has a list of discounted or special services that they can utilize with their coupon book that month.

Send regular email blasts.

These don't have to be sales oriented; just something that reminds clients of your salon. It can be highlights of events that are happening, a stylist and/or client spotlight, new products, etc.

Think about big events other than Christmas.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and there is always a birthday or anniversary on the horizon. Remind clients that spa services make excellent gifts.

We are all feeling that winter crash, but take advantage of this down time to really boost your marketing efforts. You never know what kind of new and interesting ideas you might come up with.