Increase Your Potential for Success!

Today, spas and salons are popping up all over the country. Competition has become fierce where it previously did not exist. The success of a salon or spa depends on a few key factors that will help them to get clients, and keep them. Prepare for success when you open your own spa or salon! Before you are ready to open a spa or salon, there are some things you need to keep in mind that will contribute to your success. 

The location you choose for your spa or salon is directly related to its success. Consider the following settings. If your spa or salon is in a rural, quiet area, it can create a feeling of retreat and relaxation for your clients. In this type of setting, you can usually occupy your own building. Disadvantages might be that you are harder to find, and marketing will be more difficult. Another popular place for spas and salons is in shopping centers amongst other stores and businesses. If you are opening in an area like this, try to get a spot next to a complementary business. For example, if you offer manicures and pedicures, open next to a hair salon. Opening in a busy shopping plaza will give you marketing opportunities, and allow easier access for walk-in appointments. Finally, many spas or salons are located inside shopping malls. Shopping malls are very accessible to walk-in, and being around stores makes your spa a convenient stop for customers.

Once you have your building, you need to create a comfortable, clean and safe environment for your spa or salon. Clients will come in with a desire to relax and refresh, and so you need to make sure your salon provides that atmosphere. Floors should be swept or vacuuming regularly throughout the day. Towels, trimmers, and other equipment should be fresh and clean for each new client. Instead of supplying regular chairs for clients to wait in, invest in couches, and other comfortable furniture. Magazines and coffee table books can also contribute to a relaxing atmosphere for your clients. Another way to encourage relaxation and refreshment is by utilizing wall decorations and color themes. Choosing pictures of relaxing images, and using soft colors will create a relaxing feeling, while exciting pictures and bright colors can give your clients an energy boost. 

Another important consideration is your services menu. Will your spa or salon provide all the services your clients need? Or will they have to go somewhere else to get a certain treatment? Keep your clients with you by providing a variety of services for them. If they can come to your spa or salon and get everything they need, they will not go anywhere else. 

Aside from the usual treatments that you want to offer, consider inventing some new ones. When you provide creative and unique services for your guests that they cannot get anywhere else, it can be a big help in boosting your business. Take a look at the area around you and try to tailor your services to the local culture or environment. For example, if you live in an area known for orange trees, you could create an orange blossom scrub for your clients. Your specialties will help you to stand out from the crowd of competitors and give your clients a reason to come back to your salon. 

The staff of your spa or salon needs to know how to provide professional services with warm and friendly guest service. On-going training in both quality services and good customer service techniques can help you to run a better business. Meet with your employees regularly to discuss new ideas and to practice being with a client. Customer satisfaction is key to your success. If your customers are happy, not only will they come back, but they will probably bring their friends, too!

Finally, you need to make sure to implement a smart, effective marketing strategy. There are many places for you to market a spa or salon. You can advertise in magazines, local papers, and on local bulletin boards. A great way to reach out to new clients is by creating a website and getting listings on Internet directories. To keep your current customers coming back, send out coupons and special offers regularly, via newsletters, mail, or email. </p>

Running a competitive salon or spa can be a lot of work. Use these helpful tips to make sure you have the optimal potential for success!