With wedding season kicking into high-gear, you might have an influx of clients at your salon for wedding hair and makeup. Whether it's just the bride or her entire bridal party, you should stock up on your salon equipment and be familiar with some of the latest trends in wedding hair and makeup to ensure everyone leaves looking and feeling their best.

Hair Trends

The brides and bridesmaids that sit in your styling chairs should feel confident that your staff is ready to give them a gorgeous look for such an important day. Here are a few trends for the season.

Hair Pieces: While this trend isn't new, some of the pieces that we're seeing are. Anything from the standard flowers, headbands and sparkling clips to dreamy butterflies were spotted on the runways this spring. And even the old classics were made new again by placing them in unexpected locations. Instead of tucking flowers in braids or behind the ear, try placing them underneath an up-do, or on the top of the head.

Old Hollywood Waves: Not every bride wants an up-do for the big day. Full, bouncy waves are a way for the bride to still look polished while leaving her hair down.

Ribbons and Bows: Ribbons feel grown up when paired with elegant up-dos. Try placing a bow at the side of high bun or below a sleek chignon.

Makeup Trends

A lot of women feel they can't give themselves the makeup looks they covet. So expect a lot of brides and bridal parties to be seeking the help of an expert staff.

Eye Gloss: Gloss is no longer just for lips. Shimmery, textured, metallic eyes are perfectly romantic for the occasion. Pair wet looking shadow with a subtle peach or pink gloss for a full-on dewy look.

Ombre Lipstick: If your bride is a bit bolder, suggest an ombre lip. This can be done with any lipstick shade and is just a darker hue around the edges with a softer version of the shade in the middle.

Winged Eyeliner: Winged or cat eye liner isn't just for a night out on the town. When paired with a neutral face and lip, stand-out eyeliner is a little more subtle while still adding some drama.

Monochromatic: Keeping eye shadow, blush and lipstick in the same color family can make for a really cool look. Pinks, plums and peaches are great color choices for this look.

Top off each makeup look with a subtle glow with highlighter to leave your clients looking fresh and glowing.