The year 2014 has come to a close and we are ready to see what's in store for hair and beauty trends in 2015. This past year has had almost an "nothing goes" mentality and it has been fun to see the daring and exciting looks tried out by celebrities. Based on the runways seen at Fashion Week it looks like some of the old classics, like the smoky eye and red lip, are still in style, but there will be some new and exciting twists to surprise us this year too.

Super-defined brows.

Think Cara Delvingne's thick, dark eyebrows with her lighter blond hair. The contrast is interesting and exciting. Don't be surprised if clients sit down in your spa furniture asking you to emulate this bold look for them.

Neon liner.

Intense, bright blue eye liner was found on the Elie Saab spring runway show and it looked gorgeous. Any intense shade will do and this can be subtle with just a pop of a jarring color, or over the top by lining the entire eye with color. Keep your makeup cases stocked just in case.

Fresh faces.

In major contrast to the neon liner we found models with barely there makeup strutting down the runway. Minimal makeup is made pretty by making sure cheeks are dewy and lips are filled in with subtle color.

Clean, center parts.

You will find more and more women rocking the boho center part this year. It can be paired with flowy, loose locks or sleek and straight strands for a more polished look.

Slicked back, "wet" hair.

This isn't exactly new, but it is still going in full force. Slicked back, gelled hair still manages to look both sleek and effortless.

Lower liner only.

This was one of the more unexpected and new looks that was seen on the runway. Eyes were completely neutral except for an intense black line under the lower rim. This look is not for the faint of heart and is very punk rock.

Dark cherry lips.

Taking the classic red lip a little darker, lipstick that is a deep wine red really pops against any skin tone.

Beauty is an area of life where you can have fun and take risks! Try that crazy blue eyeliner. If you hate it, just wash it off!