As prom season approaches, your salon will start seeing more young women looking for just the right hairstyle for their big night. While some of them may have an idea of what they want their hair to look like, many of your clients are going to look to you and your stylists to give them a hairstyle that makes them look like the hottest girl at the prom. Keeping yourself and your stylists up to date on the latest hairstyle trends will make your clients happy and keep them coming back to your salon year after year for other big events they need to get their hair done for. Without further ado, here are this year's top hairstyle trends for Prom 2016:

Braided Hairstyles: Braids are definitely in this season because there are so many unique ways you can braid your client's hair and make sure she is the only one at her prom with that specific hairstyle. You can do simple three-strand braids or get more elaborate with French braids and herringbone braids. As a technique that looks great in both up-dos and in loose, flowing hair, braids add a touch of elegance and softness to any hairstyle. Plus, braids are a great way to accent your client's facial features and add some extra volume to her hair. There are countless ways to create a gorgeous hairstyle with braids, so don't be afraid to get creative.

Messy Up-dos: When creating a fabulous hairstyle for prom, the goal isn't for every strand of hair to be held tightly in place with bobby pins and hairspray. In fact, messy hairstyles are the trend now! Curly, messy up-dos are fun, flirty, and adds that finishing touch to the perfect prom look your client wants. This style works best with naturally curly hair, but as long as your client's hair is at least to her shoulders and you have a nice curling iron, you'll be able to help your client pull of this messy, curly prom hairstyle look.

The Traditional Prom Look: This is something that will never go out of style. The traditional or classic prom look is just a simple half-do that provides the best of both worlds by showing off your client's hair and skin. Just add in some curls and maybe some extensions for shorter hair, and this elegant style will look great on any of your clients.

Hair Down and Loose: Sometimes, less is more. You don't always need dozens of bobby pins and bottles of hairspray to create a lovely hairstyle for prom. Instead, if your client has long, beautiful hair that accents her facial features well, go with the down and loose look. Just add in some beach curls and waves to give your client's hair more volume and a playful look that will go well with the rest of her prom attire.

Sleek Ponytail or Side-Do: Ponytails and side-dos are also very trendy hairstyles this season that will set your clients apart from the crowds of young women who will be wearing traditional up-dos and curly styles. This style is great for your clients who have long, straight hair and are more into that "sporty" look. Just add in some waves so you aren't working with completely flat hair, and then pull it up into a fun ponytail or side-do for a very sophisticated prom look.

There are many ways to style a client's hair for prom this year, so make sure you are familiar with these trending looks and always ask your client if she has any ideas or preferences before you get to work. Have fun and enjoy creating some breathtaking prom hairstyles this season.