Summer vacations are not that far away, and chances are many of your clients will be doing some traveling within the next few months. They probably have some questions about how best to take their hair and beauty regimen on the road, so be ahead of the game and have some tips prepared to share with them the next time they arrive in your salon chair. They will thank you for it by continuing to view you as their source of all beauty information. Here are some ideas you can pass on to your clients for their next trip.

Beware travel-size products. Most likely, these will cost you extra money in the end. It's more economical to buy small travel-size empty bottles and fill and label them with the products you use at home. Not only will this save the money you would have spent on the tiny bottles, but also it ensures that you get to continue using the products you like without having to substitute for something inferior if yours doesn't come in travel size.

Hydrate your skin with a good moisturizer and use minimal makeup the day of your heaviest travel. Consider applying a facial mask the morning before you go for the ultimate skin rejuvenation. You can also use your travel day as time for a good hair treatment. Before you board the plane, dampen your hair and add in conditioner or treatment oil of your choice. Wrap your hair into a bun and forget about it until you arrive at your destination, where you can rinse.

Don't forget to stay hydrated and drink lots of water! This is probably the single most important travel advice for anyone, and yet we all forget it from time to time. Regular water intake will help your skin stay hydrated and will keep you looking and feeling  your best for your vacation.

Be sure to keep an effective lip balm in your carry-on, along with a good moisturizing lotion for your hands and arms. The recycled air in the plane tends to dry out even the most hydrated of us all! Along these same lines, avoid long-lasting lipsticks, as these can actually dehydrate your lips. Stick with a stain topped with a clear gloss.

If you wear contacts, consider sticking with your glasses until you've landed, to help keep your eyes feeling less dry, and carry eye drops with you to tone down any redness.

Finally, do your best to get some good rest, and remember that your full arsenal of beauty products is packed safely away in your luggage and you'll have access to it for the remainder of the trip. You can manage this!

With these suggestions, your clients will be able to relax and enjoy their travels, and you will get a refreshed, hydrated, and happy client returning to your styling chair for their next visit!