Music creates a mood. It can make an experience unforgettable ... or detract from it if it's the wrong mix or not the right volume. People want to talk with their hairdressers, so consider your clientele before your tunes blast conversation out of the water. It's true that good, great and bad music are a matter of personal preference, but few things are more powerful mood-boosters and creators of atmosphere. For maximum client comfort AND worker productivity, consider your approach to music and what resonates with both customers and your staff.

Clothes may make the man (or woman), and furniture makes the salon. See our previous posts on choosing trendy salon furniture contemporary beauty furniture. The little things. Often overlooked, attention to detail can be all it takes to cement your salon forever in the minds of your clients. Maybe it's the perfect mints (Life Savers Wint-o-Green) at the reception counter. Maybe it's the pleasant scent from candles, air fresheners or cleaning spray. (Smells are extremely important to the human brain and trigger strong subconscious effects.) Maybe it's the artwork on the walls or coffee tables. Or it could be a display of old-fashioned cans of shaving cream or some other miscellaneous collector's items like post-war black-and-white ads in fashion magazine, discontinued cologne bottles or autographed pictures of famous customers. Your imagination is the limit here.

A sense of style. In an image-conscious industry, your style can be what defines you... or causes you to blend in with everybody else. What does your brand represent? Its beliefs need to be evident in everything from staff uniforms to the waiting area to furniture selection and arrangement. Your salon's unique way of seeing the world and the vibe you want to be sharing with customers should be evident in its style. See our previous post on the importance of style.

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