Whether you are a makeup artist that works only in a salon or one with your own practice, you probably have a fully stocked rolling makeup case with you at all times. You may even have two makeup cases, one for when you are working at the salon and one for when you work on a freelance basis. Either way, having it filled with all of your essentials is crucial to getting the job done right. Here are the top 8 items that makeup artists we have talked to all keep stocked in their professional makeup cases:

Sanitizing supplies: If you will be doing makeup for multiple clients it is absolutely essential to sanitize the products you use in-between. It is more ideal to have multiples of everything to ensure you are not cross contaminating your makeup. Wipe down pallets, sponges, brushes and lipstick tubes before using them on another person.

Brushes: Every makeup artist has a plethora of brushes in their tool kit. Brushes for foundation, powder, blush, highlighter, eye shadow and more will be used on a daily basis. Having multiple brushes for each of these tasks will be important if you are servicing a large party without time in-between to sterilize. You will have to use a fresh, new brush for each client.

Eye shadow palette: From natural nudes to dark bold smoky eyes and everything in between, clients will all have different preferences to what look they are going for. A full palette with every possibility is a must-have. Keep additional supply of the more common shades, like a nude to cover the whole lid, browns, grays and blacks.

Mascara and fresh wands: No eye makeup look is complete without mascara. But transferring bacteria from a used mascara wand is a no-no. Never use the original wand that the mascara came with since it is attached to the cap and will be dipped in over and over again. Instead, keep plenty of throwaway wands on hand and use a new one every time you are dipping into the mascara.

Face makeup for a variety of complexions: One size (or color) does not fit all. You will need to have foundations, powders and bronzers in the fairest of shades to the darkest of shades. With this variety you will be able to easily mix and match until you achieve a shade that is just right for your client.

Lip stick and gloss: Finish off that beautiful face with a pop of color on the lips. Creamy lipstick is good for dryer lips and stains are great for long time wear. A dab of gloss in the center gives lips a nice full appearance. You will definitely want to have some nice nudes on hand and of course reds for a bold and classic look. Anything goes for makeup these days and you might even get some requests for a vivid violet or a poppy orange.

Moisturizer: Before the makeup goes on it is important that the face be washed clean and moisturized. The moisturizer should have time to sink in a bit before makeup is applied. This is also a good time to put on a nice coat of lip balm to let the lips soak up some moisture too. Blot up any excess residue before applying the makeup.

Makeup remover and cotton balls/Q-tips: Mistakes happen and you need to be prepared. Having makeup remover in your makeup case is a no brainer. One slip of the eyeliner can go from cat eyes to raccoon eyes. Cotton balls are ideal for cleaning up big mistakes and wiping away face makeup, while Q-tips are great for those smaller, hard to reach errors.

With all of the fun new makeup products available your makeup kit is probably bursting with items that you can't wait to use. We recommend taking photos of some of your favorite looks that you have created in order to recreate them later, as well as keeping pages from magazines or starting a Pinterest board to refer back to for your next event.