The decision to remodel your salon is exciting and breathes new potential and opportunities into your business. Not only will your salon team benefit from a fresh, new atmosphere, but your salon's value will also increase and your clients will be thrilled. While a remodel can be a costly endeavor and pose challenges, we've listed our top four remodeling tips to avoiding setbacks and getting you operating in your new space fast.

1. Stick to a thorough timeline.

Before any demolition begins, merchandise is purchased, or clients hear of the remodel, establish your goals for the renovations. Then, piece together a timeline of specific benchmarks that need to be hit in order for your vision to come to life in a smooth and efficient manner.

Your timeline should include: Establishing your budget, Creating your vision, Researching and partnering with an experienced design consultant, financial planner, contractor and/or architect, and a salon furniture and beauty equipment company. Working with your salon team to devise a plan to keep the salon running smooth during construction, Pinpointing a start date, Communicating the remodel to your clients, Make sure your hired consultants are aware of your timeline and are on the same page. Headaches ensue when plans are miscommunicated and deadlines are rushed.

2. Remain true to your brand.

When establishing your vision for the remodel, don't stray from what makes your salon successful. As you're gathering inspiration, creating your timeline and piecing together all of the components that will actualize your dream space, ask yourself the following questions: What comments or compliments do we hear a lot from our clients? What sets us apart from the other salons in the area? Will the new space communicate our mission and values? These questions will help align your new concept to your flourishing brand.

3. Spend wisely

It's crucial you stick to your budget through the duration of the remodel. Most salon owners will tell you this becomes hard when you're shopping for new furniture and salon equipment. Partner with an experienced supplier who understands your salon's unique needs and strict budget, like CCI Beauty. Bring quality into your new space with premium, cost effective equipment like: Dryer chairs, Shampoo bowls and chairs, Styling chairs, Barber chairs, Salon mats, Massage tables, Manicure furniture.

4. Keep your clients comfortable.

Your clients are the most important component to your salon. Without them, the remodel would not happen. Through the busyness and mess of your salon's renovations, take extra steps to ensure that your clients are comfortable, relaxed, and happy with their service.

Alert clientele well in advance if you plan to shut down for a few days during intense construction periods. Communicate the progress of the remodel with your clientele so they feel included in the process and remain excited for the finished look. If revenue allows, offer your clients "Excuse Our Mess" discounts off products or services for remaining patient and loyal to the salon.

Have additional concerns? We're here to help you through your remodel. Contact CCI Beauty today for solutions to all of your salon equipment questions.