We all know that summer fun and sun can wreak havoc on our hair, but this may not be something our clients are thinking about regularly. Provide these tips to help your clients learn how to take better care of their hair while they're out enjoying summer activities this year.

1. Make a trip to your stylist's salon chair. Because summer sun and aquatic activities can really dry out your hair, get ahead of the game with a trim. By ridding your hair of dead ends that are already dried out, you'll have a fresh start for the season.

2. Use hydrating shampoos and conditioners, especially products containing corn and soy proteins that can enhance hair by adding shine and body. Avoid anything that has sulfates, parabens, or sodium chloride in the ingredients, as these can dry out and damage hair. (As a salon owner, you should be sure to stock any products you'll be recommending on your retail display shelves so your clients can get them directly from you.

3. Your hair needs protection from the sun just like your skin. So just as you'd use a sunscreen lotion, you should guard your hair against UV rays with a UV-based hairspray or leave-in conditioner. Apply these products to damp hair so that they can sink in correctly and work most effectively.

4. Saltwater and chlorinated water can really do a number on your hair. This doesn't mean you can't hang out at the beach or by the pool, but take a moment to wet your hair down at the sink before enjoying the water. If your hair is already partially saturated, it will have less capacity to absorb ocean or pool water, which will help keep it from getting too dried out. This trick is also great for blondes to avoid ending up with greenish tinged hair from too much time in the pool.

5. To minimize breakage, comb your hair rather than brushing when it's wet. Also be sure to stock up on strong hair ties and avoid pulling your hair back too tightly. Alternate the way you pull it back daily to keep from putting strain on the same areas over and over. If you'll be in the hot sun for long periods, wear a ponytail with no part to protect your scalp.

Follow this advice, and you're well on your way to protected, healthy hair all season!