As much as it might sometimes feel like it, as a business owner, you can't do everything yourself. There are way too many different responsibilities within a salon or spa - that's why you have employees! So make sure you remember to appreciate all that your staff does and make it as easy as possible for them to do their jobs. Here are some things to consider for taking good care of your staff.

Provide your employees with the tools they need to do their jobs best.

This means making sure you have the best salon equipment and the latest recommended products at their fingertips. Purchase hydraulic salon chairs for your stylists so they can adjust for the height of each individual client and not have to reach or stoop. Make sure they have ample storage space for their supplies, and keep a clean and well-lit facility.

Respect your staff as people.

Do your best to accommodate personal and family needs when scheduling, provide the best benefits your business can afford, and offer a reasonable amount of paid time off for vacations or sick time. Studies have shown that employees who feel happy and cared about by their employers are more likely to perform well and be loyal to their jobs than those who are overworked and under-appreciated.

Make your employees' workplace a comfortable place to be.

Provide a break area where staff can rest and vent away from customers. Be sure to include a small kitchen space with at least a refrigerator and microwave so that your staff doesn't feel obligated to buy lunch every day. Place anti-fatigue mats at each work station, and ensure that plenty of outlets are available and can handle high-wattage appliances like blow dryers.

Be approachable and personable to your staff.

Yes, you're the boss and you want your employees to respect you. But you are running a sociable facility, and you want to foster the kind of environment in which your staff feels that they can relax in your presence and not worry about repercussions. As long as everyone is consistently completing their tasks, try to create a fun and laid-back atmosphere for your staff.

It can be challenging to keep these kinds of things in mind when you're facing the day-to-day work of running your own business, but you'll find that if you take the time to make sure these suggestions are in place at your salon or spa, your employees will not only excel at their jobs, they may go above and beyond to help you out as well. And your customers will inevitably notice they're well-treated and happy stylists, which may very well help to differentiate you from your competitors.