You did your best to warn your clients back in May of how to take care of their hair during the summer months. Some of them might have even tried to heed your advice, but life got in the way, and now they will be coming to you begging you for tips on how to fix their dried-out summer-damaged hair. Here's how you can help them help themselves.

Offer a gloss or glaze treatment for colored hair that's turned brassy over the summer. Not only will a gloss or glaze tone down some of those too-bright highlights, but it also will provide some deep conditioning that summer-damaged hair desperately needs. This is something you can do for your clients right in your salon chair, or something they're able to complete at home.

Remind clients to brush carefully.

In fact, it's best for them to use a wide-toothed comb instead of an actual brush. They should start with the ends of hair and carefully work their way upward when detangling to avoid breakage as much as possible. Recommend a hydrating mask. This is something customers can do at home, once a week or so to really help repair dry hair.

Advise your clients to reduce the number of times they shampoo each week to save their hair's natural oils. This tends to be a difficult suggestion for people to follow, so have other options available when you get push-back. Suggest a dry shampoo between washes as needed, or even provide guidance that if they feel they must shampoo due to oily hair, they should only wash the first couple of inches near the scalp, as the rest of the hair does not tend to get as oily.

Explain the damage that heated styling devices can wreak on hair, and emphasize that your clients should never use flatirons or curling irons on wet hair, as this causes it to burn much more easily. Hair should be dry before using any styling tool that generates heat.

Point clients in the direction of a new 'do. Sometimes it's just a lot easier to start from scratch when hair has sustained a lot of damage. A shorter cut can mean a fresh start for healthy hair. At the very least, the client will need to make a visit to your styling station for a trim to rid them of split ends.

What other tips do you offer clients to help with hair that's been dried out and damaged by sun and swimming?