The Importance of Quality Salon Furniture

Imagine this. It is opening day of your new beauty salon. The place is spotless. Your waiting area has all the latest magazines. Fresh flowers accent your reception desk. There is freshly brewed coffee in your state-of the art coffeemaker. Your sound system is piping in the latest tunes, and your staff is eager to wait on your new clients.Then it happens. That first customer walks through the door. You graciously usher the customer over to one of your styling chairs. She sits down, and after a few minutes, she starts complaining about how hard and uncomfortable the chair is. You are overcome with embarrassment. You try to accommodate the customer but nothing seems to help. Then it hits you. You made sure that your salon is furniture was aesthetically pleasing, but you did not take the time to factor in quality and comfort.

The quality and comfort of a salons furniture can say a lot about the salon and the management. Clients really do pay attention to the details. Regardless of how much they spend on your salon services, customers still want to be pampered. They also want to be able to relax. If they are sitting in chairs that are patched up with duct tape, or just downright uncomfortable, they are going to think that your salon does not value them as customers and they are right. Show your customers that you care by picking beauty salon furniture that addresses their needs. Make sure that your shampoo chairs are cushioned well and that they fully reach the shampoo bowls. It is good to keep this in mind especially for people with neck and back issues. You do not want your customers to have to bend their heads back at very uncomfortable angles. Also, having shampoo chairs that reach the bowl can help prevent your stylists from getting their customers clothes soaking wet. In the reception area, make sure that you have adequate seating for your waiting clients. Make sure that the seating is also sturdy and comfortable. This is important especially if your salon is accustomed to heavy traffic. Clients may have to wait for a long periods of time. You want them to be comfortable while they do.The same goes for your styling chairs. Depending on the type of service, your clients may have to sit in a styling chair for hours. So make sure that your styling chairs are comfy and offer sufficient back and leg support. It is also a good idea to make sure that your chairs are roomy enough for larger clients.

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