Every salon and spa should be an inviting place to relax and be pampered. Salon equipment and spa equipment should be consistent with the salon's theme and decor while making patrons feel comfortable. Successful salons will follow a few popular trends that encourage repeat customers.

Reception Area

The reception desk style should be consistent with the salon's decor. Patrons can be asked to wait in comfortable seats with fashion and hairstyle magazines on a nearby table. Hair care and other beauty products can be attractively displayed on shelf. A small coat rack and umbrella stand may be necessary in some areas.

Styling Station Salon Equipment

The styling station is where the patron spends most of her or his time in the salon, so take extra care to make sure it's comfortable and stylish. It should have a good mirror and lighting and comfortable seats that are easily adjusted. Chairs with an adjustable footrest are popular. Women and men may walk into a hair salon carrying a handbag, backpack, briefcase or computer bag. Modern salons should have a shelf or other safe space for that bag (other than the floor) at the styling station.

Shampoo Bowls and Chairs

Lying back on a chair with the neck resting on a bowl is not always the most comfortable position for a patron, which is why a good shampoo bowl and chair is especially important. The chair should be easily adjustable so that the person is resting comfortably with good back and leg support.

Manicures and Pedicures

Many salons now specialize exclusively in pedicures and manicures. The patron seated in an extremely comfortable manicure or pedicure spa chair will likely enjoy the experience and probably return. Manicure tables can be stable or on rollers so that they can be moved to where the patron is sitting. The table style should be designed to complement the salon's decor.

Spa Equipment

If the salon offers massages, facials and aromatherapy, the patron will probably be on a massage table or bed. Comfort is again essential for the patron to enjoy the treatment and relax. Special tables are available for waxing treatments to keep the client calm and relaxed during this sometimes painful process. Trendy spas use scents such as lavender and pipe in soft music for a calming environment. People enjoying spa treatments may be asked to wear robes or wraps. There are various types of comfortable and stylish wraps and robes available along with headbands and turbans for people having facials. Some trendy salons ask their stylists, colorists and aestheticians providing spa treatments to wear aprons or uniforms with the salon's logo.