One of the best ways for salon owners to make their business more profitable is by selling additional hair salon supplies in their store. However, most customers are not going to the salon in order to buy supplies, they are coming for a service. This means that the supplies need to be sold to them in a tactful and non-pushy way. There are two main factors to successfully selling the supplies at a salon: the display and by recommendations.

Setting Up the Display

In addition to stocking a number of different hair care products, salon owners should consider impulse items that are hair-related, such as combs, brushes, cosmetic cases, hair ornaments and more. These should be stocked together and easily viewable so that customers can pick them up as an impulse buy. Make sure that the display is in a well-lit area and that it is in a spot that receives the most amount of traffic in the salon. Having a sales shelf in the back of the salon, for example, won't garner nearly as many sales as having the display near the reception desk or by the entrance. Additionally, a good way to sell certain items is to spotlight two or three products at the reception desk as a product of the month. Provide a sign that explains the products and why the salon suggests their use.

Recommending Products to Customers

Leaving whether clients want to purchase anything in addition to the services up to the clients isn't the best idea. However, neither is trying to push a client to buy a certain product like a pesky salesman. The best way to recommend a specific product is by asking the client what issues or concerns they have with their hair and then making suggestions based on the supplies carried by the salon. Be sure to give specific details about the product and how to use it. Not only does selling additional supplies a great way to increase the profits of a salon, customers who do end up buying salon supplies tend to become repeat customers.