When clients visit your salon or spa they expect the very best. This refers to both the equipment used as well as the specialist performing the task. It is important to choose the best skin care equipment for your salon or spa when performing services such as facials, extractions, waxing and more. Skin care equipment typically consists of facial beds, stools, skin care lamps, hot cabinets and UV sterilizers to offer clients the ultimate spa experience. While having top quality equipment is important, so is affordability.

CCI Beauty offers skin care packages that roll all of the necessary equipment needed into one efficient and cost effective bundle.There are basic skin care equipment package options as well as deluxe. More basic options tend to include: Facial bed, Stool, Facial steamer with magnifying lamp. The deluxe skin care package options offer more products but of course are a higher price point. Items typically include: UV sterilizer, Hot cabinet, Double wax warmer, Skin care lamp, Hydraulic facial bed with base, Stool, Trolley, Beauty unit.

Depending on your salon or spa needs, one of these packages might be much more practical. The basic version is great for recent cosmetology graduates who are just starting out. Or people running small businesses out of their homes. Deluxe is more suited to fully functioning spas that offer a wide array of skin care services. It is also easy to pick and choose the various equipment you want or need. There are individual facial beds, facial steamers and more to choose from to perfectly customize your skin care capabilities. When picking out your equipment, don't forget about skin care products like facial masks and lotion. While having top quality facial beds and steamers is important, the products you use with them are also a major part of the overall experience.