Nothing brings out the need for a change like heading back for another new school year. Girls often want to shake things up, and a new haircut or style is an easy way to feel a little bit reinvented. When you've got students visiting your salon chair and looking for something different, here are some simple suggestions you can make.

Razored trim.

Quick and easy for hectic mornings. For girls who just want to change it up a little but still want to be able to run out the door quickly on those beat-the-clock days, a long, straight style is a good option, and with a razored trim to the ends, it will give some texture and create a sharper edge.

Long layers.

For those girls who are looking to make a little difference but are nervous to chop their long locks, suggest adding in some long layers for an effect of waves and volume but that won't involve losing much length.

The pixie.

For a girl who's maybe had an emotional summer and is looking for an entirely different approach to her hair, a pixie might be the way to go. It's a drastic change, but if she's ready, it can be empowering. Offer advice for styling the top of her new 'do for some texture, and remind her that she can accessorize with statement earrings and bold makeup choices if she needs a little more feminine feel to her new look.

Blunt bob.

If your client wants a big change but one that isn't quite as overwhelming as a pixie, a bob can be a great choice. Part the hair far to one side for asymmetry and a sassy attitude.

Go bronde like Blake Lively.

If length and style is not a concern but your client still wants to do something a little extra for back to school, why not have her try a new color? Right now, bronde (a simple combination of blonde and brown) is all the rage and will certainly get her some attention in the school hallway.

What other back-to-school 'dos have you seen becoming popular with visitors to your styling station this year?