If you've noticed that business tends to taper off in the warmer months as your clients get busier, it's time to make a plan for attracting people back into your salon or spa. Here's a list of marketing ideas to get you started.

1. Offer to schedule appointments around client's vacation plans in advance. Before the busy season hits, check in with clients about what they have going on this summer. Rather than waiting for them to call for an appointment, which might not happen when their lives get too swamped, book them around their busy schedules. This is not only a courtesy to them but also makes sure your salon chairs.

2. Add services or offer specials on already-existing ones like pedicures for sandaled feet, summer blow outs, conditioning treatments, summer skin care, or reduced prices for time spent on the massage table. Use social media to promote these specials, as people are never too busy for Facebook, not matter how hectic their lives are.

3. In addition to specials for your adult clients, you might consider adding some fun services for kids like funky hair colors, braiding, or accessories such as feathers. Moms with kids home for the summer are likely to appreciate having something different to do with the kids, and they can relax and get a blow out while their kids are picking out their hair colors.

4. Host an end-of-summer drawing for a big ticket item, like several free services or a large gift card to a local store, or even an iPad. Clients can enter to win each time they refer a new client to you. This can create great word-of-mouth marketing for your salon or spa, and you can easily recoup your costs for the prize you offer.

5. Partner with another local business that complements but doesn't compete with yours, such as a tanning salon. You can offer package deals in conjunction with their services, and this benefits you both!

6. Consider adding summer-related products to your retail display shelves, and make sure to make them very visible. If customers see you stocking sunscreen, sunglasses, summer moisturizers, etc., they will be more likely to think of you as their go-to and expert for more than just hair or spa services, and they're more likely to come back often.

What other summer marketing ideas make sense for your particular business? Now is the time to get started and let your customers know the great things you have going on this summer.