It's hard to believe, but spring is almost here already! With warmer weather, it's not unusual to get an influx of clients who are looking to make a change to their appearance. Some may know exactly what they want, but others will come to your salon chair needing some guidance. Be ready to make suggestions all your clients will love with our ideas for some great spring styles.

Razor cut. For your clients who like things a little edgy (you know who they are!), a blunt shoulder-length cut can be the perfect choice for spring. With all the pastels and soft styles this time of year, some women just need to feel a little less prim and a little more fierce.

Making waves. For a bit of a change for straight hair, your clients with shoulder-length or longer tresses can try big waves. Add some texture and body without getting too crazy. For long locks, suggest a shorter layer in front to frame your client's face in an attractive, soft manner that's sure to garner attention.

Go a shade or two - or more! - lighter. There's no better time than spring to try a new color. Longer days make for the perfect opportunity to try out highlights, ombre, or an all-over color change for something totally different.

Double layers. If you have clients with long hair who don't want to chop it all off, suggest double layers - they get to keep the length but mix it up a bit with a short style too.

Try bangs! An easy way to make a big change to a client's appearance is to cut bangs. Whether swept to the side or a blunt cut across the forehead, bangs are a great style for clients looking to do something different.

If you're ready with these kinds of ideas when indecisive clients visit your styling station, they'll appreciate your guidance and suggestions. Make sure you have plenty of photos of the styles you'll be recommending so clients can visualize them. It's also great to lead by example, and since spring is a time of renewal and change, maybe it's also a good time to change your own style so your clients can get some inspiration from you as well!