One of the most important parts of a salon experience is giving the client a comfortable, relaxing experience that makes them feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and at peace in their own skin. To achieve this, a salon must have top-of-the-line beauty salon furniture and equipment, including facial equipment, facial steamers, and facial beds.

When choosing the best facial equipment, comfort, durability, and style are key. CCI Beauty facial beds contour to the shape of the body to provide a comfortable, relaxing facial experience. Most of our facial beds have standard features, including an adjustable headrest, adjustable backrest and leg rest. Still others include a face hole, stool, and sanitary paper holder. Our lightweight, hydraulic facial beds and electric facial beds have easy-to-use manual or remote controls for multipurpose use.

In choosing a facial steamer, many spa and salon owners select an adjustable spray arm, ozone controls, and casters that roll smoothly and easily without interruption to the client's spa experience. Some CCI Beauty facial steamers include a magnifying LED lamp, massage brush, and a timer that dings or buzzes when a session is complete. If a client favors aromatherapy, our modern, herbal facial steamers are equipped with an essential oil reservoir slot.

Showing clients your high standards with first-rate, modern salon furniture is simple with CCI Beauty. The primary way to find the best quality equipment for your salon is by selecting products that delight the client and fit your budget. We offer a wide variety of salon supplies at great prices from leading brands in the industry. Browse CCI Beauty's collection today.