In addition to various salon supplies needed to provide high-quality manicures and pedicures in a spa or beauty salon, thoughtful consideration should be given to where these items are maintained for easy access and orderliness. This generally means equipping service areas with spa equipment and salon furniture that's stylish but also functional. Work spaces where manicures and pedicures are given need to be appropriate for both customers and operators. Clients want to feel comfortable, at ease and hygienic when getting their nails done and a quality workstation can promote a positive feeling in all these areas. Depending on a spa or salon's budgetary constraints, quality equipment dedicated for use in manicure and pedicure treatments can range in cost.

Pedi-carts and pedi-trolleys are more affordable while you can splurge for top-of-the-line and high-tech pedicure chairs. An investment in new beauty equipment and/or furniture will give a new, fresh look to the spa or salon in which they're located. It will also promote increased comfort on the part of clients and employees and give operators a means of working more efficiently and effectively. Many items can be styled to fit in seamlessly with existing Pedicure Furniture. Pedicure furniture comes in many styles and types, including:Carts, Trolleys, Tables, Chairs (for both clients and operators) and stools. Pedi-carts typically feature rolling casters, padded seats and adjustable leg/foot rests. They usually have one or more drawers or compartments for storing supplies.Pedi-trolleys are primarily for storage, with a counter-top and drawers for storage, to be used as a portable adjunct to a pedicure chair or other work-space. Pedicure chairs come in a variety of configurations and prices. Most include plush, adjustable seating, built-in foot bath and massage functions.

Manicure Furniture

Manicure tables come in a wide range of sizes, styles, materials and colors. Affordable manicure trolleys with an adjustable table, padded hand rest and three sliding storage drawers excel in both form and function at a very low cost.