The holidays are an excellent time to promote gift baskets in your salon. Baskets can feature hair products, skin care items, makeup, nail polish and accessories and more. Not only will many people find these items useful, but they are a convenient gift item for people that are already visiting your salon to purchase. They also make a perfect addition to gift cards.

Eye Baskets: This is a great idea for a smaller basket. A gel filled eye mask or under eye treatment along with a sleep mask and bottle of eye makeup remover is a perfect little gift for a girl in your life.

Facial Baskets: Offer a gift certificate for a professional facial in your salon with a facial steamer in addition to a basket with at-home options. A nice face mask, cleanser, moisturizer and lip treatment would be ideal.

Mani/Pedi Baskets: Nail polish, foam toe separators, clippers, a buffer, nail file and a pumice stone would be a few great options to include in this basket. Adding in an inexpensive pair of flip flops, nail art or gemstones and scented foot salts could add an extra something special.

Spa Relaxation Basket: When someone is too busy to visit the salon to receive the full spa experience sometimes an at home alternative will have to. In this basket include a scented candle, a fluffy towel, massage oil, a body scrub and various lotions for the hands, feet and body. Use products with all of your most relaxing scents to help them unwind at home.

Exfoliating Basket: With the dry winter weather many people are reaching for the moisturizers. Include a creamy body and face wash, an exfoliant for face and body, a nice thick rich lotion, a night cream, lip scrub and lip balm. A special cream and scrub for feet would also be ideal. To top it off include socks and hand mitts to slip on at night to really trap in that moisture.

Aromatherapy Basket: Many people enjoy the bliss of aromatherapy. Include scented candles and various oils to help clients unwind and relax at home. Include a little slip of paper that indicates what each of the different oils promotes.

Makeup Starter Kit: If your salon offers makeup, having starter kits available is a great grab-n-go item for clients. Have one for different skin tones as well as different themes, such as a glamorous night out or the all-natural look.

While gift baskets make for perfect holiday gift ideas they are also a good selling point to have all year round. They make for excellent birthday gifts, anniversary presents, and even as a personal indulgence for clients.