When customers enter a salon, their expectation is that the stylists can make them look and feel their best. A salon is in the business of enhancing people's appearance with beauty equipment and salon supplies. A salon must be just as beautiful to behold as the clients who use their services. It's vital for a salon to make a positive first impression on customers. Achieving this requires the right combination of customer service and decor including salon furniture and spa equipment.


Choosing a theme for the salon gives the owner a base idea from which to work. The salon's barber chairs and beauty equipment need to appear clean and organized. The paint colors and overall palette of the salon set the mood. For a salon featuring indulgent and pampering spa equipment, neutral, earthy tones are a good choice to encourage relaxation and serenity. For a salon that's more high-tech and trendy, bright white paint and sleek, modern salon furniture lend a sophisticated energy and vibrancy. A family-focused salon feels upbeat and welcoming with primary colors incorporated in the furnishings and decor so children enjoy the experience.


The style of the salon has to fit where it's located. The decor of a salon and spa in an upscale area can include luxury details like crystal chandeliers, marble counter-tops and comfortably stylish salon furniture and spa equipment. For a salon in a more historic location, wood surfaces and wrought iron salon furniture keep it more traditional and simple. A salon and spa that caters mostly to men benefits from leather barber chairs, sturdy salon furniture and accents including chrome and stainless steel hardware to give a masculine feel.


The right lighting makes all the difference in the feel of a salon. Layers of light add depth and warmth to any space. Combine different types of lighting including task light from lamps on salon furniture like reception desks, decorative sconces in the spa equipment area and overhead lighting including pendant lamps and chandeliers.

Incorporating the right design and decor brings clients in quality beauty equipment and service keeps them coming back.