Owning, operating and furnishing a salon is no easy task. The salon business is complex and complicated in many ways, and many owners find themselves at a loss for how to best meld their fashion sense and the functional necessities of an operating business. For many salon owners the need for more storage is inevitable. With the number of products, salon equipment and hair dyes a salon must carry to remain competitive, storage issues are bound to come up. Thankfully there are several quick fixes that can give a salon's owner and staff more storage space.

Utilizing Storage Space with Furniture and Add-ons

Salon furniture needs to be both fashionable and functional. Before considering fashion a salon owner should think about the function of their current furniture to better understand where the storage issues arise from. Salon owners should think about whether or not their reception desk offers storage space. Sure, a plain glass table may look chic but it is not functional. Consider a reception desk that offers drawers and storage behind the customer counter. This type of storage will allow the receptionist to do his or her job more efficiently. Salon owners should also make sure that the stylists' stations offer ample draw and shelf space for easy access to tools. Aside from furniture, salon owners should consider adding shelving around each station. Using vertical space is an often forgotten about storage solution. Adding shelves, and placing the most commonly used items within arm's reach, while reserving higher spaces for less commonly used tools, can really help a salon stay organized and tidy.

What to Look for in Salon Furniture

When making the decision to garner more storage space from salon furniture a few things need to be considered. First a salon owner needs to think about how the furniture is going to function for their staff, and then they must think about how the piece is going to look with existing decor. Finally the owner must seriously consider the price and cost of gaining more storage space from their new furniture options. When looking for salon furniture an owner should consider:

How many draws and hidden compartments are included in the piece? Whether or not the stylist or staff can efficiently utilize the storage space? Whether it fits in with budgets?

Organization Equals Efficiency

Obtaining more storage space doesn't just help the aesthetic feel of a salon, rather it also raises efficiency. An organized space can really help a salon thrive, but the only way to do that is to ensure ample storage space. Salon owners who use these tips are sure to raise their storage space and help their stylists thrive in their new space.