Extending far beyond simple fashion preferences, colors can influence the mood and behaviors of clients. In choosing colors for salon furniture, salon supplies, spa equipment, or even accent decorations and supplies for the salon, consider how these colors will affect clients.

Orange. Suggests socializing, optimism, vibrancy and extroverted behavior. Softer versions of orange can work well when used sparingly in a salon wishing to convey youth, affordability, spontaneity, and adventure. Use caution, however, because too much orange can look cheap. Clients can appreciate affordability, but never want to feel cheap.

Yellow. Optimistic and cheerful, uplifting and fun, yellow will encourage playfulness. Use yellow as an accent color to add cheer to a darker area, or use it to call attention to a sale or promotion. Too much yellow can cause agitation and make clients feel like they need to keep moving or leave an establishment. Yellow should never be used to advertise sophisticated products as it can convey cheapness rather than value, especially to men.

Green. Associated with nature and healing, green balances the body and mind. Green is the perfect color to associate with any natural products. Lighter greens will feel fresh and new, darker greens speak to richness and wealth. Green is also a good color to make people feel like they belong when in a social environment, helping them feel comfortable with others.

Blue. Conveys peace and tranquility, while promoting relaxation. Blue enhances contemplation and meditation. Blue is an ideal color for any type of salon or spa that is geared toward relaxation or for areas of a salon such as a spa, massage, facial, etc., as it will enhance the overall feeling of calm and relaxation.

How colors are chosen in a salon can have a dramatic impact on the emotional experience of a client. A positive overall experience combined with excellent service and salon equipment will create a client that is more likely to return to the salon, and to recommend it to friends and family.