Salon Chairs and Stations for Success

Are you thinking about starting your own beauty salon? Congratulations! If you have a passion for helping people feel good about themselves and facilitating self-expression, the salon industry is a great place to start! Often considered a recession-proof industry, salons are always necessary and always somewhere that people are willing to spend money. Still, you'll need to plan ahead and plan smart to make your salon a success. Financial planning is crucial for any business, but particularly one that requires so much attention to equipment standards. Investing in good salon equipment might seem pricey, but it's important to get quality products from the start. Here's a rundown of what you can expect to spend on the essentials:

Shampoo Chairs

Many salon treatments begin with a shampoo. While you can purchase a shampoo chair and bowl separately for a little less money, the best comfort usually comes from the combination sets. To keep clients visiting, comfort is something you don't want to forsake in favor of saving money, especially when you're just starting out. At CCI, purchasing each piece separately runs about $100 less than our low-range combination sets, which run about $500 when on sale. The combination sets also have financing options to make them more affordable. We highly recommend investing in a comfier shampoo chair; your clients will thank you for it!

Salon Chairs

One of the most important parts of your salon is going to be the chairs where people sit to have their hair treated. First things first, you'll need to figured out how many stations you want. Many salons start with 3-6 stations, depending on the amount of space available. From there, your price range will vary based on the style you want for your salon. If you're okay with a simpler style, you can find simple chairs for a little under $200. These will be less "posh", but still functional and perhaps more affordable as well. If you have a little bit more to invest, or are willing to finance, you can find higher-end chairs ranging between $300 and $700. These will typically have more cushioning and thicker armrests, and might be easier to adjust for height. The higher-end models typically have more color options to choose from too, which might be helpful if your salon is being styled to fit a particular color scheme.

Styling Stations

Your options for styling stations will also largely depend on your space allotment. One of the space-saving options you can look into is double-sided stations. These allow you to bring in more clients at a time and, in many cases, will be an ultimately less-expensive cost than purchasing the same number of single-sided stations. Many of the double-sided stations are also available with financing from CCI, making them more affordable for the beginning salon. If your space limitations prevent double-sided sets, you might be tempted to build your own single-sided stations by purchasing each piece separately -- drawers, cabinets, and mirror. But this might not necessarily end up being cheaper for you, since you'll be purchasing several components for each station. In many cases, it is less expensive to purchase a combination station with the mirror, shelving, and counter already included.

CCI also has package sets to consider, which include chairs, shelving, and mirrors, as well as other important elements for your salon stations, such as floor mats, chair covers, and drying stations. Once you figure out the sort of look you're going for in your salon, check out these packages to see if one meets your style and budget!

There are other furniture pieces you'll consider depending on your salon's services manicure/pedicure stations, dryers, retail shelving, but these are the essentials you'll want to consider when budgeting for your salon adventure! If you're ready to get started or have more questions about purchasing salon furniture, contact the professionals here at CCI and we'll work with you to get your salon started!