Late spring and early summer are prime seasons for many important and formal events in clients' lives - prom, graduation, weddings. Start preparing now so you're ready for the more difficult and time-consuming styles clients may need.

Plan More Time for Special Appointments

Remember that when making appointments for hair styling for special occasions, you'll need to plan for longer appointments than normal. Emotions are often running high, and the pressure is on - both for your clients and for you. Block off plenty of time so that you won't feel rushed and so that you can consult with your clients fully about the style they want when they arrive at your styling station. Don't book other appointments directly after your special occasion clients in case something happens to run long.

Have Options Available

For bridal hairstyles, it's usually safe to assume that the bride will have an idea of the style she's looking for. And other clients might as well. But for those coming in for prom or those who are in the bridal party, make sure you have plenty of visual aids they can use for inspiration. It will make things go much more smoothly if everyone has the right expectation of what their style will look like in the end.

Be Flexible and Understanding

Teenagers heading for prom are full of nerves and hormones and may not be acting rationally. Brides are under a tremendous amount of pressure to look perfect for their big day. You might not see the best side of your clients who come in for these types of services. Just do your best to be accommodating and respectful of their concerns and wishes while still keeping things professional and maintaining boundaries.

Go the Extra Mile

Even if your salon doesn't normally offer perks like drinks or snacks, consider providing water, coffee and tea and a few munchies while each client waits their turn for the salon chair, especially for bridal party appointments. If you make the effort to make their experience memorable and fun, they're much more likely to recommend you to their friends for similar services in the future.

By following these suggestions, you'll be setting yourself up for formal event season success at your salon. Just remember to work around standing appointments with long-term clients or at least give as much notice as possible if you need to reschedule. After all, your regular clients will be with you much longer than the revenue boost you received from one-time events.