With the school year starting again, everyone is probably staying on top of things well. You might be waking up early each day, setting your outfit out the night before, and doing full-face makeup and hair styling every morning. What you might not be considering, though, is what hairstyles to use on those days when you hit your snooze button 5 times before running to class. Those days will happen, so here are a few hairstyle ideas for when it does:

Headband Tuck

Put your favorite headband on over your head. Tuck the ends of your hair up and into the back of the headband. If you have an extra minute, secure with bobby pins, or leave some strands of hair out in a messy fashion.

Messy Bun

Pull your hair into a high ponytail that is loose against your head. Pull a hair tie over it, while twisting your hair into a twisted ball. Pull the hair tie all the way over the knot, then release. Use bobby pins to secure, and pull some strands out to give it a more effortless look. Remember to spray it with hairspray too!

Loose Braid

Use dry shampoo or your fingers to give your hair some texture before plaiting. Braid your hair down the side of your head, on either side. Once your braid is finished, gently pull apart the knots in it to make it have even more of a tousled look.

Overnight Waves

If you know you'll probably be sleeping in, you can try preparing ahead and setting up your hair to have bouncing curls in the morning! To do this, take a strand of damp hair and wrap it around 2 fingers until it is near your head. Use a bobby pin or hair clip to keep the curl in place. Do this until all of your hair is pinned or clipped, then sleep on it! In the morning, spray your hair with hairspray before unpinning it.

Any of these styles will get you out of the bathroom quickly, and maybe even give you time to eat something before running out to your early morning class!

Be sure to also visit your local salon to get a great back-to-school haircut as well!