Keeping your space organized is important for several reasons. It enables your stylists to use their time more efficiently, it helps you better keep track of what products you use and how often, and it creates a professional-looking and comfortable atmosphere for your clients. Here are some tips to help you get and stay organized.

Clear out your storage areas and get rid of outdated items. It's pretty likely that there are products and materials that have gotten shoved to the back of your closets, styling stations, and salon cabinets that are either expired or no longer useful for your business. Take the time to toss these things and give all your cupboards and shelves a good scrubbing.

Make use of labels. Using a label printer or even neatly handwriting on masking tape, ensures that each item has a place that is indicated with a label. Indicate hair products, spa disposables, nail care items, and more so that anyone new or unfamiliar with your system can find and replace materials where they belong. For linens, be sure to note where clean towels and dirty laundry are located to avoid any confusion over where to put used linens.

As you return each item to its labeled spot, take inventory of how much of each product you have and pay attention to this regularly. Having a working knowledge of your supply helps you to create an ordering system that works for your business. Depending on the amount of storage space available to you, it's best to avoid ordering too much in bulk so that you don't overwhelm your salon or spa with inventory. Don't keep more than a 6-month supply of any item.

Another way to prevent your styling stations and other public areas from overflowing with products is to rethink the idea that everything needs to be within arm's reach for your stylists. Of course you want to have their stations well-stocked with their personal salon equipment and supplies such as blow dryers and combs, but for linens, salon capes, coloring products and other items, it's perfectly acceptable to keep those hidden away in a well-organized supply closet or back room. Your stylists will probably appreciate the opportunity to walk around a bit and stretch their legs.

Don't forget about your reception area as well. Keep your salon display shelves stocked but not stuffed; extras of products you sell frequently can be kept in the back. Make sure your receptionist keeps her desk looking neat by providing her with filing cabinets or drawers, and keep the magazine selection to a minimum so your waiting area doesn't become too cluttered.

Above all, once you've followed these steps, be sure to maintain your organization system. Don't lapse back into setting things aside to be dealt with later - very often later never becomes now, and those items get forgotten or shoved into the back of cabinets, beginning the cycle all over again. Have a meeting with your employees to make sure everyone is on the same page with organizing and be sure to enforce your plan. You'll love the look of your tidy and professional salon or spa.