Must-Have Hair Salon Equipment

What is the hottest salon equipment for this year? Whatever you want it to be. That is right. You have the ability to set your own salon trends by choosing furniture and equipment that addresses the needs of your clientele. When clients step into your salon, they want to be whisked away from the troubles of the day. They want to relax and be pampered. Your salon could be the sanctuary that they are looking for.

Want to make a great first impression?

Welcome your customers in to your salon with a comfortable reception area. Make sure this area has comfortable seating and is free of clutter. Provide refreshments and up-to-date reading materials for your customers. A nice Decor::Displays::Racks::Screens. can help keep your periodicals in order. A nice display shelf in your waiting area can help you showcase hair and beauty products that are available for purchase.It is always a good idea to choose that matches the style of your salon.

Going for a modern look?

You might want to pick furniture that is sleek and sophisticated. Going for a look that is a little more fun? Choose furniture that comes in vibrant colors. Whatever you decide, make sure your furniture is comfortable for clients. Is your held together with electrical tape? Does your blow dryer start smoking every time you use it? Then it is definitely time for an upgrade. It is important to look for quality hair supplies. That does not mean that you have to buy the $300 pair of flat irons or the $1000 hooded hair dryer. There are plenty of options in all price ranges. You may even be able to get a great deal by purchasing wholesale or even secondhand equipment. If you are trying to bring something a little different to your salon, why not incorporate a beautiful water feature. You can find one at a home and garden store or have a specialty company design one for you. Water features are unique, stunning, and bring a sense of tranquility to any space. CCI Beauty has always been committed to providing high quality salon equipment and furniture at reasonable prices. Check out our clearance and page for great deals.