In today's fast-paced world, a lot of women who would like to do something different with their hair simply don't have the time to put into upkeep, so they end up bored with their hair or drastically chopping their locks just for a change, only to regret it later. Here are some suggestions you can make to your clients who may want to be a little adventurous but who don't want to worry about coming back to the salon every couple of months for touch-ups.

Suggest a color that is only a shade or two different from her natural color. This will often be enough of a change for the client who has never experimented with color before, at least to start, and when it grows out, the color differences will be subtle enough that it will not require additional dyes.

Opt for an understated ombre. The usual harsh ombre look will be way too much for your low maintenance client and could scare her away from color altogether. But if you can give her a softer, just slightly varied highlight with the darker color on top, it will still look gorgeous as it's growing out, and your client will love it.

Similarly, try a highlight that focuses on the layer beneath the outermost layer of hair. This allows your client's natural color to remain, while avoiding any harsh root lines entirely.

Don't be a stickler for symmetry. If you give your client a little uneven color, it will give her a more natural look; most hair that is oxidized by the sun does not retain a perfect even quality throughout. There are always subtle variations, and emphasizing those with a new color will help ease your client into her new look while not going too drastic.

Once your low maintenance client sees what you can do and how little work it takes her, she will likely be back in your styling chair to try bolder styles in the future.