Clients who patronize your salon or spa are often in vulnerable positions whether it's something as simple as having their hair washed or nails done or more delicate services like waxing intimate areas. It's important to them to be able to trust that your facility is kept to the highest possible standards of cleanliness so they can feel completely comfortable and relaxed during their visit. Use our detailed guide to help you stay on top of the housekeeping duties in your salon or spa.

Post and adhere to guidelines for employee hand washing. Hands should be washed with antibacterial soap between each client and after handling chemicals.

Make sure your stylists know who is responsible for cleaning styling stations and when. They should be doing a brisk sweep-up after any haircut, wiping down their salon chairs and cabinets as well. Piled up hair anywhere is unattractive to clients and on the floor it can cause a fall risk, so be sure this gets done immediately after the customer leaves and before the next person is welcomed to the chair.

Mirrors at styling stations and throughout, as well as windows, should be cleaned daily, and all tools should be removed of excess hair and disinfected. (Any tools that cannot be disinfected must be either given to the client or disposed of after a single use.) It's possible to have a cleaning service perform these tasks, but remember that it's good practice to get your stylists in the habit of knowing how to complete necessary sanitation requirements on their own.

Clean all shampoo bowls after each wash for hygiene and to avoid clogs in your drains. Scrub down surfaces regularly. Mop up any spills right away, and always be sure to keep work stations free of chemicals and products that can build up and leave residue.

Stay on top of your laundry. Your stylists are of course using clean towels for each client, so they will pile up quickly. Make it clear who does the laundry and when so that responsibility does not get passed on. Don't forget to include folding and putting away clean items as a necessity; do not allow clean towels to grow in wrinkled heaps in hampers or on counter-tops.

Make every possible effort to keep your facility free of dust and bad odors by using garbage cans with lids, keeping products contained when not in use, and disposing of unused chemicals right away. Be sure your floors are mopped at closing time each day so that the next morning begins with a clean and fresh-smelling salon.

Following these steps will have you on the right path to keeping a sanitary and comfortable salon for your clients. Be sure to use only professional-grade, quality cleaning products, and don't forget to also regularly wipe down, sweep, and mop your reception area to keep your facility looking its best. By keeping a detailed document of your cleaning practices and schedules, you can also keep track of anything that might not be getting done and you can correct it easily. Make this document available to your clients upon request, and they will feel doubly confident putting their trust in your salon.