The salon is up and running. The owners want to make upgrades to attract new clients and to keep the old ones coming back. But, there is only a certain amount of money to spend. If a salon owner can only afford one upgrade, what should it be?

The answer is upgrading your salon furniture. Customers come to the salon to relax and feel pampered. Sitting in uncomfortable, old furniture is not giving them the experience they want. By upgrading the furniture, salon owners will do a few things: Improve the customer's salon experience. Upgrade the look of the salon. Have the chance to offer extra services. The salon will get a boost in customer comfort levels. It will increase the value of the business and open up opportunities to introduce new services. All of this will boost income levels for the salon owner and its employees/contractors.

How to Select New Salon Furniture

Every salon needs a definitive style. Upscale, spa-like, family-friendly, or urban are just a few options. That style should pervade the entire salon, from signs to furniture to color scheme. Defining that style is critical before making any salon furniture purchases.

Reception - The reception area is where the customer gets that critical first impression of the salon. The desk is the centerpiece that sets the style of the salon. The guest chairs and other items in the reception area should be comfortable and easy to care for.

Service Chairs - The needs of a hair stylist are different from someone trying to give a pedicure. Select furniture that makes the customer experience the best for any service the salon offers as well as making the provider's job easier.

Mobile Equipment - Think about how the salon wants to present services to the customers. Going with some mobile equipment is a good way to bring new services into the salon while maintaining an open environment. One example of this is a mobile manicure station.

For salons that can only make one upgrade, putting money into quality, stylish salon furniture is critical. Spa equipment is an investment that will pay off with growing client lists and expanding business.