Your passion for all things beauty led you to your thriving hairstylist career. You love making your clients feel confident and look beautiful, and they return the favor with raving reviews. But as your clients continue to request the same style, cut, and color, appointment after appointment, you notice your inspiration start to dwindle. So how can you and your salon team stay inspired behind the chair and continue to deliver your clientele with superior styling and fresh ideas? Follow these four strategies:

Teach Each Other

Start internally. Your salon team is your most direct and influential source of inspiration, with each stylist possessing his or her own talents and insights. Internal teaching workshops will allow each stylist to educate colleagues on: Difficult up-dos, New coloring procedures, Advanced cutting techniques, Best practices with hair drying, Ways to help clients remain comfortable in the shampoo chair, And more. Internal teaching workshops can spark new ideas, advance your team, and move your salon forward.

Attend Styling Workshops

A flood of inspiration can be found by simply staying on top of the ever-evolving beauty industry trends. In addition to your required continuing education classes, seek out workshops and styling convention shows - online or in-person - that will grow your skills and expand your styling genius. Check out online classes at the Michael Boychuck Hair Academy, attend hair and beauty conventions such as Premiere Orlando, or find tutorials on YouTube.

Subscribe to a New Beauty Magazine

You'll find a wealth of inspiration hidden inside beauty and fashion magazines. From numerous how-to's, quality photos, and excerpts from hair professionals around the world, you're sure to snag a renewed sense of creativity. For the articles and photos you find particularly interesting, post them to your styling station, or save them in a folder to try with clients or fellow stylists. See what you uncover in magazines like Modern Salon Magazine, Hairs How Magazine, Perfect Hair, Vogue and Allure Magazine.

Create a Portfolio

Building a portfolio is a great way to document your work as a multi-talented stylist. Photograph and document the different cuts, colors, styling, and up-dos you complete. Your visual portfolio will serve as a growing source of inspiration for you and your clients. Portfolios are also beneficial for you to track your progress as a professional hairstylist. Sometimes, finding inspiration is as simple as varying the music played throughout the day or rearranging (or moving) your styling station. Ask your fellow stylists how they stay inspired, too. By following these four strategies, you're bound to find untapped areas of passion and creativity.