Maybe your business is expanding or you are just looking for a change of scenery, either way when relocating your salon moving the salon equipment and supplies is only a portion of the major job you are about to undertake.

One of the biggest concerns salon owners face when relocating is how to do so without losing clients. Here we discuss a few tactics to take when trying to get your clients to move right along with you. If possible, don't move too far away from the original location. While some clients would follow you anywhere, convenience usually outweighs loyalty. Trying to remain in close proximity to existing clients will increase the chance of them remaining a client.

Depending on your circumstances, the new salon may be an upgrade or an unavoidable situation that calls for downsizing. If you are in a situation with more limitations than before, make up for it by providing enticing incentives for clients to remain loyal. (For example, a percentage lifetime discount on services for clients that followed you from the old location.) Focus on the positives when presenting the move and try to maintain as many of the old perks as you can, just on a smaller and more affordable scale.

Speak to your staff and get an idea of whether or not they plan on making the move with you. A lot of clients might be loyal to specific staff members, and if the stylist isn't making the move with you then the client might not either. Figure out any hang ups as to why employees might be hesitant to make the move and see what you can work out.

Make sure clients are very aware of when and where this move is taking place. Post notices around the salon, mail out postcards with the new salon information, send out an email blast and have the receptionist and stylists call clients. It is important for them to be aware of these changes and to know you value their business and loyalty and want them to make the move with you.

Plan a grand re-opening party once the new salon is all set up and be sure to invite all loyal clients. Instead of the move seeming like a hassle it will become new and exciting. Change doesn't have to be a bad thing! Advertise for fun incentives that will be at the party like discounted services or gift baskets filled with product. It might also be a good idea to host a separate grand opening party for potential new clients and the public.

We know that moving your business to a new salon can be a challenge. But you will rest much easier knowing that along with all of the necessary salon equipment your clients will also be moving into that new space right along with you.