Giving a salon the right style will help convey to clients what kind of experience to expect. Salon furniture, barber chairs, beauty and spa equipment, and accessories form the foundation of a salon's style and accommodating small spaces can be tricky. Use these 6 tips to maximize salon space so customers can have the best experience.

Choose light colors. Dark salon furniture and barber chairs can feel heavy and look congested. Salon furniture in lighter colors will make a space feel more open and airy. White can make a space feel clean and crisp while tans and creams can add warmth and coziness. Use consistent colors throughout the salon and keep decorations simple. Too many different elements can become overwhelming in a small space.

Control Clutter. No matter how large a space is, if salon supplies and beauty equipment are cluttering up the counters and tables, it will feel instantly smaller and cramped. Floor to ceiling cabinets will provide tons of storage, and including a cubby at the bottom for your client's handbag will keep it from being underfoot.

Smart Storage.

Choose salon furniture and cabinets with doors that slide side-to-side rather than open out. This will help keep walkways and work spaces open, even as towels, beauty equipment and salon supplies are located. Use pocket doors for closets and to separate rooms so doors do not need to swing out and make spaces unusable.

Avoid Excessive Mirrors.

Conventional design advice always places mirrors in small spaces to give the feeling of a larger room. However, in a salon setting this can be unnerving for clients who may feel like they are on display. Remember, clients only look their best after you're finished.

Take Advantage of Lighting.

If there is any natural light coming into the salon, try not to block it with salon furniture or window dressings. Natural light is the best way to make even the smallest space feel warm and inviting. If natural light is limited, add plenty of decorative lighting elements throughout the salon to add interest, warmth and brightness.

Sheer Separation.

Most salon furniture and workstations are separated by solid partitions. By using dividers that allow light to pass through, you can eliminate shadows and create a more open feel to your space. Avoid heavy wood and opt for glass, Plexiglas or fabrics. To separate the waiting area, use a half-wall or divider instead of a floor-to-ceiling option.

Working in a small space can be tricky. However, with a few accommodations, even the smallest space can be stylish and trendy and easy to work in at the same time.