For the salon owner or stylist, owning and properly maintaining quality salon equipment and furniture is a vital component of a successful business. With such a variety of items in use at any salon, maintenance can be a tricky task. Here are some simple tips that any salon owner can use to keep their equipment in top shape.

Barber Chairs

Periodically check the tightness of all screws on barber chairs, and any other chairs in the salon, to make sure everything stays in one piece. Keep barber chairs away from direct sunlight, as well as extreme heat or cold, to prevent discoloration and hardening of the material. Place a cover on the back of the chair when working with hair coloring, and wipe the chair clean often.

Manicure Tables and Reception Desks

Avoid placing tools, appliances, or caustic chemicals on wood surfaces to minimize the risk of burns, scratches, and discoloration. Take care when closing drawers. It's a small thing, but shutting drawers gently can greatly increase the lifetime of drawer and desk components. Clean wood surfaces often with a safe, gentle wood cleaner to bring out their shine. For stone surfaces, resurfacing and resealing may be required on occasion for optimum appearance.

Shampoo Bowls and Pedicure Stations

Shampoo bowls and pedicure station bowls should be sanitized and cleaned regularly, but never with bleach, as both can compromise the seal and structural integrity of the bowl.

Hair Steamers and Hair Dryers

Always use distilled water in hair steamers for optimum performance and longevity of the equipment. Clean dryer and steamer hoods regularly to prevent cracking or breaking of the hood. The best way to keep all salon furniture and equipment looking great and working even better is with some preventative, common-sense maintenance. By keeping cleaning equipment regularly with non-caustic cleaning products, and being careful where one places tools, the salon owner can get the most out of their valued equipment. For any maintenance issues revolving around electrical or plumbing elements of salon equipment, it is always best and safest to enlist the help of a professional.