Things have changed a lot in the beauty industry over the past couple of decades. The historical iconic image of ladies at the beauty parlor gossiping under dryers is no longer always the most relevant one.

In today's beauty climate of blow outs, the atmosphere of the salon has shifted. And nowhere in the salon is this shift more evident than at the dryer chairs. So when you're making plans for your new salon or deciding on an overhaul of salon equipment in your current space, be sure to keep this in mind when placing your orders.

How Many Do You Need?

Take stock of the kinds of clientele you serve. Do you cater toward the young, hip crowd, or older, more traditional customers? This will often significantly affect the number of dryer chairs you need to have available. Since the general consensus today is that heat should only be used in limited circumstances for color, such as in the case of virgin black hair that's difficult to lift, the main use for dryer chairs is for setting perms. So think about how many perms you give and decide how many dryer chairs you need based mostly on that number. If most of your clients are younger, you may be able to get by with just one or two dryer chairs, depending on the size of your salon.

Factors to Consider

After you've determined how many dryer chairs are appropriate for your business, think about the space you have available for them when deciding on size. Do you need a smaller chair with a chrome five-star base, or can your location fit a larger, solid base? Does it make more sense for your facility to have combination chairs and dryers or individual ones that you can separate so the chairs can be re-purposed as needed?

Think about what will make your clients feel most comfortable. Customers receiving perms or colors requiring heat processing often spend a lot of time in dryer chairs, so you want them to feel relaxed. Choose dryer chairs that have plenty of cushioning and comfy armrests.

Look for a wide range of temperature settings and blow strength options, and be sure your power outlets match up with the correct voltage and amps of the dryers you're considering.

Finally, focus on aesthetics and what will best complement the look and feel of your salon's decor. Most dryer chairs are black, but you have choices about chrome, wood, or fabric armrests, and even the option of dryers that can hang rather than being freestanding.

Once your dryer chair decisions have been made, shop for other salon furniture like styling chairs and shampoo stations to complete your updates!