Does your salon see its fair share of cold temperatures and snow covered days? If so, it's important you take the necessary measures to winter-proof your salon for winter weather conditions. Although this may not sound like a fun priority, it will help reduce your energy bills, keep your salon running smoothly, and keep your clients safe in the parking lot and entryway. Here are five ways you can winter-proof your salon:

1. Have a snow removal plan.

The ability for your clientele to easily park and get into your salon is crucial to the success of your business in the winter. Neglecting to plan for snowy conditions before they arrive can mean unsafe conditions, missed appointments, and upset clients.

Research local snow plow services and hire a company to take care of your salon's parking lot whenever bad weather hits.

2. Stock up on sidewalk salt.

The sidewalk leading into your salon is the only avenue clients have for entering. Because of this, the removal of snow and ice on your salon's property is vital to your clientele's safety. Prepare for whatever Mother Nature throws your way by stocking an extra bag of sidewalk salt away. Make sure to stay on stop of spreading the salt as blustery weather hits.

3. Have your heating system checked.

Maybe your salon is located in a new building, or maybe your furnace and heating and cooling system was installed within the past few years. Regardless of your heating system's condition, it's a smart idea to have your equipment checked annually for: Energy efficiency, Reliability, Longevity. Annual inspections can catch small issues before they become big problems, like not having heat on a cold day.

4. Check your doors.

Take a look at your doors to determine if you need to repair any thresholds or door sweeps. When your doors shut and seal properly, cold air cannot enter and affect your indoor heating efforts.

5. Arrange additional entryway rugs.

The bottom of your client's shoes will be covered with snow as they enter the salon. Your entryway rugs will become saturated with water sooner than you think. To beat water logged rugs and slushy, slippery floors, arrange additional rugs in the entryway and throughout the salon, and make sure your styling chair mats remain dry. Looking to update your salon equipment or furniture this winter? Check out CCI Beauty's high-quality, cost effective equipment,</a> and save a bundle this winter.