Working in the hair industry, it's important to be on top of the latest styles and trends. You never know when you'll find someone in your chair asking for a unique up-do or elaborate braid that you have no idea how to execute. Always keep your hair equipment up-to-date and teach yourself the newest trends. Here is what we're seeing for the hottest styles for the beach this year. Feel free to try these styles out on your clients, or simply suggest them to anyone heading to the beach this weekend.

It's all about braids. Not only are braids always a cute style for kids and adults alike, but they are practical. To prevent hair from blowing in your eyes or getting stuck in your lip gloss, try a braid to keep hair neatly tucked away and out of your face. As a bonus, when you undo your braids, you'll be left with beachy waves.

Milkmaid Braids: This look is much easier to achieve than you'd think. Part hair down the middle and braid either side. Tie off each braid with a clear elastic. Pull each braid around the top of the head and secure with bobby pins. Done!

French Braid With a Twist: A French fishtail braid is not only appropriately named for time at the beach, but it's a way to really secure hair away from the face. Watch this video to see how to achieve the look.

Double Dutch Braid: This takes the classic Dutch braid and makes it a little more playful. Instead of one braid going down the center, try twisting either side into a braid. This tutorial walks you through creating this look.

Top Knots. If you're a little less inclined to do an elaborate braid, a top knot is for you. The great thing about a top knot, is that it doesn't have to be perfect. In fact, the messier the better in some cases!

Messy Knot. All you need for this look is one hair tie (unless you have short hair, then you might need some bobby pins). Simply pull your hair to the very top of your head, use a brush for a sleeker look or your hands for a messier look. Grab the base of the pony tail and then use your other hand to twist the pony tail. Start wrapping it around the base. Secure the bun with the elastic. Mess it up a bit and spritz with hair spray and you're good to go.

Double Knot. Secure one bun with the top half of your hair and then another bun right underneath with the rest of your hair. This can help add some volume and is great if you have layered hair that has a hard time staying in your hair band.

When in doubt, air it out. The combination of salt, wind and water can actually give your hair some really awesome texture. If you want to leave it down and embrace the natural beachy wave, go for it! We simply recommend spritzing hair with some UV protectant before hitting the sand, or covering up hair with a big floppy hat. You'll also want to have some detangler on hand for afterwards because you're bound to wind up with some knots!

Summer beach hair should always be fun and laid back. There are really no bad options for a beach day.