A salon waiting room should offer an air of relaxation, ease and comfort for clients receiving services. Clients want to feel pampered and invited into the space so they can enjoy their haircut, pedicure or other spa service. Salon waiting room furniture can create the right mood for clients and a salon can get an instant makeover with fresh salon equipment designed to greet guests in style.

Setting the Mood

When choosing salon furniture for a waiting room, owners should take into account several factors. First, what mood do you want to project? Clean, modern looking salon waiting area furniture in white or monochromatic shades gives a salon a contemporary feel. Leather salon waiting room chairs make a salon more masculine, while rich textiles like velvet create a feeling of luxury. Also take into account the other furniture a waiting room needs. Coffee or side tables for holding magazines, display shelves for salon supplies and a reception desk complete the look of a waiting room and add to the overall feel. This furniture should complement the overall style.

Extending the Experience

Salon owners should also consider what guests can see from the waiting room. If they can see into the main salon space, then a makeover may require more than a new couch. New barber chairs and beauty equipment can complete the full makeover, turning the salon into an extension of the waiting room. It also pays off to extend the makeover of a waiting room into the salon because clients spend the majority of their visit in the salon and will carry their experiences with them as they talk with friends and family. Comfortable spa service and styling chairs, top of the line beauty equipment and clean spa equipment contribute to the overall look and feel of the salon, especially if clients can see the salon from the waiting room. A salon doesn't get a second chance to make a first impression. Clean, comfortable and inviting salon furniture creates the right first impression and brings clients back again and again.