Holidays are the best occasions for freshening up a hair look or revitalizing an entire presentation. Whether it's a family reunion, time with friends, or an exclusive romantic getaway, people often want to look their best when they're traveling for fun, especially if the destination is outdoors. Even more, beach vacations practically require people to manufacture the best versions of their bodies ("the beach bod"). Think about it: Beach vacationers want to display themselves to a scantily clad world of party-goers, which means a vital role for any salon.

So, your job is to support the vacationer with the fresh appearance they're hoping to project to the world. An appearance that says, "Hey, I'm on vacation, and I'm enjoying myself. And I want everyone to see it!" If the customer doesn't want a completely new look, what can you do that is different from this person's normal treatment? Is there a little something extra you can provide?

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