Summer is on its way, and you're sure to have clients coming to your styling chair and requesting a fresh new look for the season. If you need some ideas for suggestions to make, start here for inspiration. Check out our picks for this season's hottest trends and some tried and true summer styles.

The wavy bob.

This is an easy-to-maintain cut that is showing up all over this year. It takes little work, so it's ideal for clients who are on the lazier or busier side and don't want to spend the time on styling. Advise your clients with this cut that they should sleep in two braids and then just use a texturing spray and go over their hair once with a flat iron. They should be all set for their summer look. The wavy bob is intended to look a little messy, so they don't need to do a lot with it. Leaving hair more or less alone will also result in healthier hair, and the style grows out nicely without looking awkward when your client is ready for a change.

The lob.

This style, short for "long bob, is a very versatile style that can work well for all face shapes. Many celebrities have been adopting this cut lately, proving it's a trend to look out for. This is a good style for clients who have long hair and may be nervous about a shorter cut. Instead of chin length, the lob is shoulder length or even a bit longer, and it can be worn with or without bangs and with a side or middle part, giving clients lots of options.


This trend is still going strong and doesn't look like it will be fading out any time soon. For clients with long hair, the summer can be tough - you can only wear ponytails so many times, but you still want your hair out of your face. Braids can be the answer for these clients! You can suggest crown braids, where two low braids are pulled over and around the head and pinned, or a chunky side fishtail inspired by Game of Thrones.


If your clients are looking for a color change instead of or in addition to their new style, suggest balayage. This is a highlighting technique that allows for a more natural sun-bleached look than traditional highlights, with chunks of rich color toward the bottom of the hair and a lighter, thin application of color at the roots. It grows out smoothly and so is perfect for the client who isn't willing to come in regularly for touch-ups.

You're sure to have some satisfied clients leaving your salon station after suggesting these great summer hairstyles!