All salons may look the same from the outside: barber chairs, beauty equipment and salon furniture all arranged in an expected manner. In order to gain the edge on the competition, a salon owner will need to know how to express their unique style while giving customers a reason to choose their salon over all of the others. These five tips will help a salon stand out from the crowd.

Stay In the Game.

Do more than just update your salon furniture and maintain your license, make it a priority to stay on top of the latest trends, newest styles, color applications, and cuts. Make sure you have the latest salon supplies and spa equipment and that you know how to use them. Be a local trend setter, not a trend follower.

Stay Involved.

Making a name around town is a natural way to bring new business to a salon. Register as a participating Locks of Love salon. Donate a gift certificate or basket of beauty equipment to a local charity raffle or silent auction to bring in new faces.

Customer Service and Relationships.

Giving clients an outstanding cut and style is only half the battle. In order to excel, the client's experience needs to be exceptional. They should feel like every need has been tended to, and every want is satisfied. This could mean simple gestures such as beverages in the waiting area or tablet computers to read while waiting for processes.

Bold Marketing.

Don't be afraid to make bold statements that set you apart from the competition. If you have a signature style or are known for being a master of a certain technique, don't be afraid to claim it. Some stylists may hesitate as they believe this will limit their client base. The truth is that no stylist can be everything to everyone so in order to stand out a stylist must be something unique.

Go Digital.

If a salon doesn't at least have a Facebook page where clients can share experiences with their friends and family, an entire market segment is being ignored. Facebook is only a start; a unique website that can showcase a portfolio and highlight services is one of the best tools a salon can have.

Standing out from the crowd is vital. Without a reason to come back, clients are likely to hop from salon to salon with the latest coupons or deals. If clients have a specific reason to come back to a particular salon, they will build long lasting relationships and be long term customers.