As a stylist, salon owner or barbershop owner, one has to retain customers by providing top quality services. However, this isn't the only way that clients are retained. Pampering is an incredibly important aspect of the experience in making a customer feel special will help to ensure that he or she will not only return, but that he or she will help to spread a positive word of mouth, thereby increasing your chances of landing new clientele. The following are five ways that one's clients can be better pampered.

Provide Refreshments. It's important to make the customer feel comfortable and at home. Providing refreshments while the customer waits shows the customer that he or she is not just another customer waiting in line. Not to mention that a salon is all about relaxation and well-being so be sure to serve unique refreshments in line with that concept, such as water infused with cucumbers.

Provide Visual Aids. Make sure there are digital visual aids in the reception area to not only keep waiting customers entertained, but to help inform them about different hair styles and products as well.

Create a Personal Relationship. Don't rush the customer, make him or her feel at home. It's the customer's time after all. Be friendly and engage in conversation. The more personable one is, the more comfortable the customer will be.

Provide Extra Services. Pamper the customer by washing their hair and be sure not to rush through it! Everyone loves a slow shampoo and head rub, and it will be sure to put them in a good mood. Other extra services such as this will be well appreciated.

Upgrade your salon furniture. New furniture is a great way to show your customers how much you value their time and business. Invest in comfortable pieces that are stylish.

Be Truthful. Be truthful about customer opinions and questions without being mean or condescending. Offer alternatives instead of shutting them down completely. It's important to be friendly and truthful at the same time to make the customer feel like his or her opinion matters, even if one doesn't agree with it. Pampering one's clients is a great way to build one's reputation, so be sure to use these tips and shop CCI Beauty for quality salon furniture.