Salons offer a calm, cool oasis of pampering for clients. A client comes in to get a manicure and hair style. They may want to get a massage or use the tanning beds. Salons offer a range of services and a selection of salon supplies. The downside to providing those options for clients is a never-ending need for storage. Keeping a salon organized is a challenge even for a veteran salon owner. Stylists and other service providers need some equipment and products at their stations all the time. Other items may only be needed at certain times. Keeping things organized, easy to find, and readily inventoried is a goal of any good salon owner.

Take Steps

Here are five steps to organizing with the right salon furniture and fixtures: Define what services the salon provides now and in the near future - You may offer hair styling and coloring services now. Do you want to add a pedicure/manicure station? Buying new furniture offers you a chance to expand services. Define the areas of the salon where services will happen - Knowing how much space you have to work with will tell you how many pieces of furniture you need and how many stations you can fit. Provide storage for all permanent items at each station - All stations need permanent storage. A hair stylist, for example, needs storage for brushes, combs, scissors, dryers and curling irons among others. Provide mobile storage for lesser-used items - Most stylists do not need to keep coloring supplies/equipment at their station permanently. Putting lesser used items on storage carts offers the perfect mobile solution. Make use of the space available - You will need a place for the extra products and equipment. A storage room or series of deep storage cabinets are the answer. Purchasing new salon furniture can transform a business. It offers a chance to refresh the look of the business and to make clients more comfortable. It can make the jobs of the service providers easier also. The salon owner will be upgrading the look of the salon which increases its value. That is a smart investment for any salon.