As the weather cools off and people get into the stride of the new season, it can be beneficial to leverage people's love of the Fall months to get them into your salon chair! Here are just a few promotions you can run that evoke the love of Fall and get your clients in the mood of the season:

Halloween Hair Dye

Offer a promotional discount for color treatments done booked for Halloween, or even for a day before Halloween. You can even encourage this by offering an additional discount for those who come in costume to the salon. If your salon has makeup services, they can be offered in conjunction to bring the package deal home.

Fall Manicures

Have your manicure artists design fun manicures based on the colors of Fall, or even include Fall painted designs such as leaves, Jack-o-Lanterns, or even apples! This can be combined with social media posts asking your followers to show off their Fall-themed manicures as well.

Cold-Air Remedies: Facials and Manicures

For many, the return of the cold air means the return of dry skin. Remind people to come visit your salon to keep their skin hydrated with a facial, and offer a discount on a manicure to keep their hands moisturized too!

Daylight Savings Time Savings

Celebrate the beginning of Daylight Savings. Time with a discount running through the week. This can be linked to social media as well: let your followers know that if they visit and mention a keyword at the beginning of the appointment (something like daytime, daylight, extra hour of sleep), they can receive the special discount.

These tips will get your salon through the Fall lull before the busy holiday season hits!