Fall is in full swing, and this season it seems like the "lazy" look will be the trend everyone is talking about it at least according to New York Fashion Week. If the runways are any indication, this fall will be all about quick, messy looks and hair that hasn't been washed in a few days. Don't throw out your shampoo just yet, but check out these fall hair trends your clients might be interested in next time they're in your salon chair

1. Messy Chignon.

This is one fall trend that's perfect for women who are constantly in a hurry. The deconstructed chignon is an easy style for unwashed hair, and the messier you can make it look the better. This easy fall hair trend looks great with this fall's bold clothing designs, and it lets people know that you care about fashion without taking yourself too seriously.

2. Elaborate Headbands.

Headbands seem to go in and out of style periodically, but this fall they are definitely back in. The runways at New York Fashion Week were practically teeming with headbands made of every material imaginable, from fur to leather to intricate bead work. Headbands are a great option if you have clients at your styling station who are growing out bangs or who want to mask their roots when they haven't washed their hair. They also make a great accessory for up-dos and bridal hairstyles.

3. Slick Side Part.

This fall trend was everywhere on the runways at New York Fashion Week this year. The perfect "lazy" look for unwashed hair, a deep side part that's heavily sprayed or gelled is the perfect style to accompany your casual fall looks or your dressier evening wear. A slicked-down side part is also versatile and add a little gel or hairspray for a softer look, or really pour it on for a more sleek and futuristic feel. With this trend, it's important to create a clean, exaggerated part as far to one side of your client's head as possible.

4. Messy Middle Part.

As with the other fall trends, this hairstyle is quick and easy. Just create a messy zig-zag part and then use a flat iron to add emphasis. You can even set the zig-zag part in your sleep by gathering your hair into two braids or buns on either side of your head. While you sleep, the tension will set the part and make it more prominent looking. To add even more definition, use a flat iron at the roots.

Every year, people look to New York Fashion Week for the next big trends. This fall, when your clients come in for something new, try out one of these fun fall trends.