Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your salon. After a dreary winter season, it's definitely time to breathe fresh life into your space. Here are a few easy ideas you can use that will beautify your business without blowing your budget:

Floral arrangements.

While fresh flowers can get pricey if you have to purchase them, you can always bring some in from your own garden if you have one at home. Another affordable option is artificial flowers. Place a bouquet here and there on windowsills and your salon reception desk to brighten up your space.

Potted plants.

Anywhere you have plenty of light, you can set low-maintenance plants that need little care to bring a bit of the outside in. They'll provide an inviting atmosphere with just some watering and will help to freshen up the air inside your salon.

Accent pillows.

You can't replace your salon furniture for every season (although if you're due for an update, spring is a spectacular time to show off brand new salon chairs shampoo bowls), but you can change your throw pillows. If you have a sofa or other comfy chairs in your waiting area, choose soft pastel colors for spring, or go bright with jewel tones to stand out.

Wall decor.

Use the change in seasons as a time to change up your wall art. You can find wall decals with salon-appropriate quotes such as, "This is what beauty looks like" or "Hairdressers bring out the beauty in you." Consider lettering in shades of green for spring.

Area rug.

Don't forget about the floor! In your main salon space it may not make sense to have a floor covering, but your reception area can really benefit from a brightly colored rug. It will make a huge difference in the atmosphere of your space and clients will notice it immediately.

Staff photos.

Spring is also a perfect time to update staff photos. If you have yellowing, outdated pictures hanging on your walls, schedule slots of time for stylists to retake their photos and display them in fun frames to make your clients feel more connected to your staff.

These simple ideas will work wonders for livening up your salon space for the spring season. In addition to these, remember to open any curtains or blinds on beautiful days to let in plenty of light, and don't neglect the exterior of your building either. Stay on top of any landscaping needs and be sure to wash windows to get rid of winter's grime. Happy spring!